Making A Family Tree


Actually, you don’t need to be confused if, in your big family, you already have a family tree record or coolly called a family tree.

Large families that often hold bloodshed meetings or bloodlines usually make a family tree. The goal is not to be arrogant, but so that we can know our brothers and sisters.

One of The Advantages of Having a Family is That You Can Playing Poker Game With Them

Getting to know close relatives, especially those related by blood, is very important. The benefit, we can get to know our position in a large family, so we can know how to call him, how polite we are when meeting an older family, and others.

By knowing our brothers and sisters, we can also collaborate and help each other with a family session. Or, you can bring joy to them, for example by playing poker with your new member of the family.

No less important, by knowing the family tree, we can find out who is still in a blood tie, so we can avoid marriage with close relatives.

Just Keep in Mind

Western families generally have a family tree. Unfortunately, this genealogy has not been made in writing. Most are still verbally. Just keep in mind, so only old people know about it. As a result, in subsequent descendants like us, a family tree can be unclear, and over time can be unknown.

It’s Getting Easier

In modern times, it should make family trees an easy affair. To track family data, we can contact you via cellphone, email, Facebook, and other social media.

You can also enter data and photos of our relatives into the family tree chart. Certainly, there are many sites available that provide software and free storage on the internet.

We don’t need to be dizzy or bother making charts. All just by doing some clicks. Data and photos are neatly organized and stored safely. At any time, the data can be opened and updated.

Family Tree Site

Some internet sites that provide family tree services, including and For family trees that are only family charts or family tree, it’s still free. Meanwhile, those who pay are those who are equipped with services, such as the agenda, map of residence, and other important notes.

Do you want to make a family tree? While meeting a large family, take advantage of your time to record his name, whose son, date of birth, address, contact number, and do not forget to be photographed to complete the data.

Start with family

The simplest way to make a family tree is to start with your own family. Start it from your Dad and Mom, and siblings. After that, complete with brothers and sisters from your mother’s family; brother and sister of your father’s family; then with Grandfather and Grandma. If the data is still available, complete it with the great-grandfather and great-grandmother, and so on.

With a family tree, our extended family will be recorded, so we can find out the relationship of our extended family.

Who knows, school friends, teachers, famous people, or certain people you meet on FB are actually your siblings.


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