Is It Important To Understand Ancestry?


One time there was a boy who decided to study out of town but remained in one province. He decided to go to college and learn to live independently by living apart from his parents. For several years at college, he met many new friends and acquaintances. Including meeting a girl who made him fall in love. The introduction continued step by step until they formed a relationship like a couple. They love each other.

Sometime later, during the holidays, the child brought the girl who became his girlfriend back home to introduce it to parents. The child’s parents look open and accept the arrival and good intentions of the child. The child’s parents invite the girl to talk about many things, including her family and parents. How surprised the young man’s parents turned out to be the girl’s family has a kinship with his family.

As a result, of course, their relationship cannot continue. It turns out they have a kinship that cannot be united as husband and wife. If they keep doing it, they will certainly get social sanctions from their customs. Even though they already love each other. It turned out that their relationship had to be grounded because they were related. It all happened as a result of the lack of understanding and knowledge of each child about his family lineage and his own kinship. Fortunately, they have not done all sorts of things and have not stepped into a more serious stage. If it is done, imagine what will happen next!

From the story above, what can we take lessons? It turns out that it is so important for all of us to know and understand our own family tree. It’s important for us to have knowledge about the kinship and blood ties between our relatives out there and us.

In the Minangkabau culture, according to my observations so far, this has been very emphasized. Kinship among family members is maintained. Each family will introduce family members to other family members. For example, during the holidays and important events such as marriage ceremonies, deaths, and other traditional ceremonies, each family will give an understanding to their families that they have a kinship with the family and the like.

So that members of a family will understand about the lineage of his descendants. Siblings of their parents, relatives of their parents, siblings of parents of their own parents, relatives of parents of their parents, and so on and up. In accordance with lineage, blood ties, and kinship ties.

Not only that, usually, the family will notify family members or relatives who are outside the area. So that when family members are outside the area where there are relatives, they can still maintain good relations with other family members.

Actually, it is so important for us to know and understand our family tree and family relationships. Many benefits and other important things that we will get, from him:

Maintain good relations among family members.

Knowing our family tree that we have relationships with other families will certainly try to keep the relationship in harmony and well maintained.

Give support in times of need, and share happiness when you like.

By knowing that we have relatives and relatives, of course, we can share our likes and likes with them. And vice versa, they can also do the same thing so that our sadness and happiness can be more meaningful.

Avoiding events due to miss communication.

The example above is a case due to a lack of communication between family members so that each family member does not understand well his kinship with other family members who are in far apart places.

Realizing that we are not alone.

By knowing the kinship and kinship between each party, he certainly realized that all this time, he had lived not only by himself. That he apparently has a lot of people who have connections and relationships with his family.

Avoiding individualistic attitudes.

As a result of the current urban lifestyle, people are becoming more individualistic. Such attitudes do not only occur in people who live in cities but also those who live in villages. But this can still be prevented by maintaining relationships with our fellow relatives.

Preserve the bloodline.

By having knowledge of kinship relations, it is able to maintain and preserve our ancestry. So there is no terminology in which the lineage of a tribe or adat has been broken. Thus, of course, our lineage will be well preserved and safe.

From the points above, we can know that having good knowledge and understanding of heredity and kinship is very important. Besides the points above, there are many other points actually. If it’s lacking, please add it yourself in the comments column.

So the point is all of us need to have knowledge and understanding of lineage, kinship, and kinship inherent in our lives in society.

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