How DNA Tests Work to Check Lineage


DNA testing is a procedure used to understand a person’s genetic information. With a DNA test, a person can know the lineage and the risk of certain diseases. DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid or deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA will arrange genetic material that is in the body of each person inherited from both parents.

DNA Presentation by Dr. Carol Chambers, in Collaboration With Judisakti

Lets study DNA from a professional’s point of view. Dr. Carol Chambers, in collaboration with Judisakti – one of the biggest Bola Tangkas agent in Asia – presenting a study case about DNA for everyone. In the recent 3 years, the company keeps collaborating with many institutes for the sake of Science Development. As they announced before, there are still another 3 upcoming projects from the team, which two projects are regarding science and the last one is a campaign about human right. Without further ado, let us break the presentation down.


DNA is a nucleic acid that stores all information about genetics. The following DNA evaluates hair type, skin color, and particular characteristics of humans. The method used in DNA testing is to identify fragments from the DNA itself. Or, a DNA test is a method for identifying, collecting, and inventorying typical characters of the body.

Inside the cell nucleus, DNA composes a single strand called a chromosome. Every normal human cell has 46 chromosomes consisting of 22 somatic chromosome pairs and one sex chromosome pair (XX or XY).

Each child will receive half the pairs of chromosomes from the father and half of the other pairs of chromosomes from the mother to the extent that each person carries traits inherited from both mother and father.

Everyone has a double helix DNA or a double chain, one chain is lowered from the mother, and one string is reduced from the father. The following can reveal the origin of the offspring. This can be seen from the DNA sequence of the child when compared with the parents. If the mother and father’s DNA sequence is in the child, then the child is a biological child.


Almost all parts of the body can be used for DNA test samples, but those that are rarely used are blood, hair, saliva, and nails. The DNA sample used can be from the cell nucleus or the mitochondrion. But what is very accurate is the cell nucleus because the cell nucleus cannot change. Blood samples are samples that are very often used. But what is collected is not red blood cells but white blood cells, because red blood cells do not have a cell nucleus.

Using Saliva for DNA Testing


The answer is yes, but it is full of risks. For the fetus in the womb, a DNA test is carried out by collecting amniotic fluid or amniotic fluid through an amniocentesis procedure or by chorionic villus sampling which picks up placental tissue samples. However, both types of tests on the fetus have the risk of creating a mother feeling a miscarriage. Discuss with the doctor about the risk further if you are asked to do the test.

After obtaining the required sample, it is then sent to the laboratory to follow up on the test. It may take some weeks to get results from a DNA test. If you are encouraged or intend to work on a DNA test, consult your doctor or genetic specialist first. Talk about the benefits, risks, and what the test means to ourselves and family.

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