5 Traits Of Babies Inherited From Mothers


At birth, many people say that your child is similar to one of the parents. In general, people around will comment on the face and hair. Indeed, in reality, every baby has 23 chromosomes obtained from the mother and 23 other pieces obtained from the father.

Did you know that the traits that arise in children can also be inherited from their parents, especially their mother? If the mother has a grumpy character, it is not impossible if the child she gives birth to has the same character. With that, you can find out the nature of inheritance in any baby that is passed down by the mother. Read here!

Inherited Nature of Babies Derived from the Mother

It is natural for children to be a reflection of their parents. The father can reduce his physical form, such as height, fingerprints, and arrangement of teeth. Then, mothers can also pass on some inheritance in physical form such as hair color and type, dominant hand, and others.

The most inherited from the mother is the traits. Therefore, do not be surprised if the child will have characteristics like the mother, so that the father must face two people with the exact same characteristics. Here are some inherited traits from mother to baby:

Sleep Patterns

The first of the traits that are passed from mother to baby is sleep patterns. It is stated that genetics from the mother plays a bigger role in shaping the way your child sleeps. Several things are related to this, such as sleeping positions that often change and insomnia disorders that arise.


Another characteristic that is inherited from the mother is the level of intelligence, which is related to DNA. If a mother is someone who is fairly intelligent, her child will generally be the same. However, DNA does influence the factors that drive, intelligence, even if only half, the rest is influenced by other external factors.

Active Talk

It was also mentioned that one of the traits that is passed on from mother to child is the habit of being active in speaking due to the extrovert gene factor received. If the child’s mother has social habits, then most likely her child also has the same trait. Even so, this trait can still change depending on his closeness to his father.

Many people still wonder what traits are inherited from mother to baby.

Musical Ability

Another trait that can be passed from mother to child is musical ability. Even so, these talents can be honed or not depending on the child’s interest in exploring this. Even if you have talent, if you don’t practice it often, you still won’t master it.


It is also stated that a mother can pass on the power to remember to her children through existing DNA. Initially, this was considered impossible and was a factor of the environment in which the child grew up. However, in a study, it was stated that severe trauma could be passed on to children through this DNA.

Those are some things that are inherited from mother to child. Even so, all of these things still depend on environmental factors and their parents. Support for children related to their intelligence and interest in music can be increased through encouragement from parents and also their children’s interests.

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