4 Ways to Ensure Your Lineage Without DNA Test


The issue of DNA testing came to light when a famous businessman in Las Vegas who owns several Casino got news of his lost son. Where the ‘son’ will inherit billions dollar company, of course the genuineness must be defined thoroughly. Las Vegas is one of the city where gambling is legal and become a tourist attraction in US, further more the casino companies in here also try to spread their wings to Asia such as Phillipines and Indonesia. Although there is a challenge in distance, but they using online channel to provide the most complete and trusted sports book and casino, so members throughout the world can daftar sbobet terpercaya fast and easy. With this promising business, DNA testing seems to be the only technique to find out whether the ‘son’ is biological true or not?

Indeed, in addition to DNA testing, there are four other techniques to convince the biological father or not. What is it? The following includes:


This test is the cheapest, even if it’s free! By knowing, the blood group of the child and mother, you will at least know or guess, is it true that he or she is a biological child, also convincing whether I am a child’s biological father or not. For example, if the blood group of father A and mother O, then the possibility of the child’s blood group is A and O only if your blood group B means there can be a child not their biological child.

However, if our father is blood type A and our mother is blood type B, then the blood group of children that can be accepted is A, B, AB or O. If both parents have blood groups A and B this is the most difficult to identify, are the biological parents or not. The solution, do a DNA test.


This is among the practical, easy features, and it has been carried out for generations. Remember, parents, are genetic inheritors, to the extent that all matters that are attached to parents, classified as faces, facial expressions, nose, hair, eyes, etc. will be passed on to the little one.

The incompatibility of physical appearance can be a matter of suspicion; is it true that I am the biological father of the child concerned. The case has not happened quite a bit. Still remember, right in America, where there are two twins, but their physical appearance is the most different. One baby is white and has a blonde face, while the other one is black with curly hair. Suspicious, the Caucasian biological father looked at the black baby. After checking, it turns out to be correct. The baby is not his child.


This method is indeed rather difficult, but it is indeed logical. The fetus is formed from sperm from the father of the egg from the mother. Both inherit several characters to the little one in the womb, until he appears and is raised. Although this technique is rather difficult to convince the biological father without a DNA test, all of these will play a role and influence each other. It is a miracle if the biological child, his character and attitude are 180 degrees; there are no 1-2 characters or the same style.


The flow of blood from both parents also flows to the child, to the extent that a fruitful bond is strong. Although it is rather difficult to prove, according to experience, this acknowledgment is right. Isn’t it true that when you meet a child after a long separation, there will be a strong instinct? So even when there is something in the child, parents sometimes feel it.

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