Biography of Charles August Fey

Biography of Charles August Fey Inventor of Slot Machines

Modern society has been built by inventors experimenting with various tools and entrepreneurs making it a viable business. Charles August Fey fits both of these categories have been the one to invent and market some of the first slot machines ever created.

Today, slots are ubiquitous, found in nearly every casino on the planet, also in betting shops, repair shops, and pubs and bars. They can also be played over the internet via smartphones, tablets, and computers. The online casinos that offer these video slots often churn out hundreds of different titles for their customers to choose from, including their own exclusives such as Amazon Rayne, Tomb of Ra, and Fiesta De San Fermin.

But it was far from the original mechanical device developed and promoted by Fey and his contemporaries. And although others had the idea earlier, Fey is widely credited with being the inventor of the modern slot machine when he introduced several important innovations that allowed it to become so widespread.


Born in Vöhringen, Bavaria in September 1862, Fey was originally named August, although he was replaced by Charles when he eventually moved to the United States. His journey to North America was indirect, he began his career working in a business that manufactured farm equipment, enabling him to develop the essential skills that would shape the rest of his life.

After a few years, Fey jumped the border into France and then across the Channel to England. However, with relatives in New Jersey, he traveled to the US to live with his uncle, Martin Vollman.

But when Vollman returned to Germany, Fey was almost completely alone in North America, so he decided to travel across the country. Like other entrepreneurs, such as Dave Hester, he eventually settled in California.

In a common setback for the time, Fey contracted tuberculosis and his doctors only gave him a year to live. With nothing to lose, he headed south to Mexico, where the climate was even warmer. He then went on creosote treatment in San Francisco, which seems to have cured his TB.

Following the American Dream, Fey quit his job at Western Electric Works and started his own company to service the telephones and electrical equipment still rolling out across the country. A few years later, in 1896, he also opened a workshop where he would build his first slot machine.


Slot machines have been around since the 1880s, although they were required to have attendants who would check the position of the reels and manually award payouts to players. This was a factor that severely limited their growth as labor costs meant they couldn’t be scaled up.

Gustav Freidrich Willhelm Schultze created a solution for this in 1893. His Horseshoe Slot machine had an automatic payout system, although this prize was usually in the form of tokens or tickets.

Fey took the idea one step further, creating a mechanism that paid out coins, as was commonplace today. He added this feature to his Liberty Bell Slot Machine, a name that refers to the three bells that, if landed, paid a jackpot of 50 cents.

The Liberty Bell was a huge hit with bar and shop patrons, so Fey struck a deal with the business owner where he would supply the machine free of charge in exchange for a 50% share of the profits.

This win-win proposition allowed Fey to become one of the largest slot machine operators in the entire United States in the early 20th century.


California law at the time prevented Fey from obtaining a patent for his Liberty Bell machine, which allowed other businesspeople to legally copy his ideas. While he managed to a garner a lot of traction himself, this meant that Fey faced a lot of competition in the slots business.

Not only did they copy the mechanics of the Liberty Bell, but many other slot manufacturers used similar imagery on their reels, forever cementing the bell as one of the most common symbols in the game to this day.

Because of its invention, slot games are known today, even with the development of technology and the internet, anyone can easily find slot games via their smartphone. One of the most popular games is Olympus Slot, which is taken from Ancient Greek Mythology.

Bio George Boole

Biography of George Boole, The Originator of Boolean Algebra

As we know that George Boole was a mathematician and philosopher from England. Through logical logic and algebra of modern philosophy, he succeeded in developing it which is now known as Boolean Algebra.

George Boole appeared on November 2 in Lincoln, England. His parents have the names, John Boole and Mary Ann Joyce. He was given his first training in mathematics and was taught to create optical instruments by his father, a shoemaker.

George has an elementary school education, but a little more formal and academic teaching. William Brooke, literature at Lincoln, might have helped him teach Latin, which he could also study at Thomas Bainbridge’s school.

George had to help his family when his father’s business declined. When he was 16 years old, he trained in a school that was in the Riding of Yorkshie West. He uses his spare time to read.

George listened to a math journal at Lincoln Mechanics Institute. In addition, he also read about Isaac Newton, Principia, Joseph-Louis Lagrange Mécanique and Pierre-Simon Laplace Traite de mécanique céleste to analyze and solve problems in algebra.

Through a mathematics book, George studied deeper calculus when he would participate in the Lincoln Mechanics Institute sent by Sir Edward Bromhead. Besides, through George Stevens Dickson, Sylvestre Francois Lacroix also sent him calculus texts.

When he was 20 years old, George Boolean established a school in Lincoln. When he was 24 years old, he picked up Hall’s Academy in Waddington. He got the academy when Robert Hall, who at that time was the owner, died.

In 1841, he pursued Invariant Theory, a new branch of mathematics. This mathematical theory is a source of inspiration for Albert Einstein. In 1844, he discussed the mixed methods of algebra and calculus through a paper in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

In 1849, he worked as a mathematics professor at Queen College, Cork in Ireland. In 1845, he worked on logic, algebra or Boolean algebra, and he also introduced general symbolic methods through Thought Law from logical inference.

In 1855, George married Maru Everest and had five female children, namely Magaret, Mary Lucy, Lucy Everest, Alicia, and Ethel Lilian. Then in 1847, he decided to participate in community development.

Among his daughters, Alicia Boole became a mathematician. Meanwhile, her daughter named Everest Boole became the first female professor in the UK in Chemistry.

George was awarded the Keith Medal by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1855 and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1857. He also received an honorary degree LL.D. From the University of Dublin and the University of Oxford.

George is one of the most experienced advanced mathematicians who is the most dominant in the world history of calculus. He also put the basic foundation for the information age. Thanks to George’s contribution in mathematics it was indeed effective in helping digital design computers and electronic circuits.

Biography of Pablo Picasso Cubist Artists

Pablo Picasso is an artist who lived in the 20th century who came from Spain. He was known as a revolutionary and sophisticated painter of his time, he was known as an artist of cubism, who had cultivated the world of art in Spain.

Pablo Picasso appeared on October 25, 1881, in Malaga, Spain. His father had the name Josse Ruiz Blasco, an experienced in the art field, and his mother had the title, Maria Picasso Lopez. He followed in the footsteps of his father who was experienced in the art. His talent was present at a young age when he had become a painter.

At the age of 14, Pablo passed the entrance examination of the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, ​​and two years moved to Madrid to study at the Royal Academy. Picasso returned to Barcelona and joined Els Quatre Gats (the place of all poets, artists, and critics in exchanging ideas obtained from outside Spain). When he was 23 years old, he moved to Paris, France.


While being the most productive Picasso, artist. The information we got was that he had produced 20,000 works in his life. His style of art is not a little admired. He is among those who like new things from all artists. This was shown because he often changed the style of painting from the style of blue and pink paintings to the style of cubism, the impact of this evolution was influenced by Georges Braque, a friend who was both an artist.

Cubism’s style surprised the art world because it was able to process people’s perceptions of the beauty of art. One of his works that is nuanced by cubism is the Demoiselles d’Avignon. There are exciting things in the painting where the format of the painting is difficult to recognize this business does not mean Picasso carelessly in creating paintings.

He has studied the work of Iberian sculptors and other African statues (primitive statues) which are often curved and disproportionate.

Not only a painter, but he also produces sculptures. As a ballet stage designer; he struggled with the art of making pots, leaving as many lithographic works as he could, painting passing lines by using a pencil from not a few other branches of art.

Pablo was interested in political matters. He poured his interest through his painting which had the name Guernica, which was created in 1937. Events in the Spanish civil war inspired art. Not only “Guernica” a number of his works are also related to politics.

Picasso was able to make the facts of life a source of inspiration from his work. For example, Mesra Cinta paintings (blue period). The painting Guernica is the center of the eye at the Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid). Guernica took place during the civil war and the fall of hundreds of bombs. Then dove, a symbol of world peace, it turned out that was his design. Picasso completed the graphic art after being inspired by the Melanesian bird, given by Henri Matisse.

Picasso is a melancholy artist; his genius is revealed from his most sensitive and detailed nature in judging a fact of life. He also made women a source of inspiration. That said, each woman gave a contrary inspiration to him. For example, from his lover, Marie-Terese Walter, he produced the work of La Reve (dream). From his other lover, Eva Gouel, a painting of the Dans Un Fauteuil Femme Assise was created, which was among the cubistic-style masterpieces.

Pablo was admired in the 20th century with the results of his work, and he was also dominant in the growth of modern art. He was dubbed by all critics his work such as “pink period,” “neo-classical period,” and “blue period.” He is dominant in the progress of art in the world. People know him because he is rich and because of his work which has a high selling price. And in 1973, he died at Mougins-France.

Biography of Al Khawarizmi

Biography of Al Khawarizmi

Biography of Al Khawarizmi 780-850 AD, The Father of Algorithm and Inventor of Algebra from Uzbekistan

One of the biographies of Muslim figures that is no less important is Al Khawarizmi, the results of his invention were finally able to generate new changes, especially in the world of technology.

We know that the development of technology and all its devices, continues to progress, like flowing water, without stopping.

Of course you must already know this, because every age there are always new technologies that are getting more advanced and sophisticated.

The word algorithm comes from a Persian scientist, “Abu Ja’far Mohammed Ibn Musa al-Khowarizmi”, who wrote the book Al Jabr W’Al-Muqabala (The Rule of Recovery and Reduction), which was published in 825 AD.

This technological advancement cannot be separated from the development of various sciences in the past which has become the basis for technological developments until now. One of the scientists who played an important role in the development of technology, especially in the computer field, was Al Khawarizmi.

Muhammad ibn Musa Al Khawarizmi is known as a mathematician who discovered algebra and is also the father of algorithms. Of course, for some people who work as programmers or developers, they often use this algorithm in developing a program. So who is this Al Khawarizmi? Now, let’s get to know the father of this algorithm and the founder of this algebra.

Al Khwarizmi on a Soviet Union Postage Stamp

Al-Khwarizmi has the full name Muhammad ibn Musa Al Khwarizmi, while in western countries Al Khawarizmi is known as Al Gorismi, Al Cowarizmi, Al Goritmi, and other spelling designations.

Al Khawarizmi was born around 780 AD in Khawarizm, now his birthplace is known as the city of Khiva in Uzbekistan.

His family is of Persian descent who has settled in Khawarizm, but from several historical records it is known that when he was small he moved with his family to the south of Baghdad, so it was here that he started his career as a mathematician.

It is believed that he lived during the time of the Abbasid Caliphs Al-Ma’mun, Al-Mu’tashim and Al-Watsiq, which is considered the golden age of knowledge in the Arab region through the translation of books and sciences awake into Arabic.

At that time, there was Bait Al-Hikmah as a center for research, translating books into Arabic and also a place for scientific publications for Muslim scholars, including Al Khwarizmi.

Al Khawarizmi joined other scholars at Bait Al-Hikmah at the age of 20. During his lifetime, he worked at an honorary school founded by Caliph Al-Ma’mun. It was there that he wrote many of his ideas and published scholarly works in mathematics, astronomy, history and geography, including studies of translations of Sanskrit and Greek literature.

Kitab al-Jabar (Al-Kitāb al-mukhtaṣar fī isāb al-jabr wa-l-muqābala) is the first published work and describes a linear systematic solution, and quadratic notation. It is thanks to this work that he is called the father of algebra, not to mention that the book also contributed to linguistics. The word al-jabar comes from the word al-Jabr which is listed in his book.

The results of his thoughts in the book al-Jabar are considered a major revolution in the field of mathematics. Because Al Khawarizmi succeeded in integrating geometric concepts from ancient Greek mathematics into modern mathematical concepts. His thoughts resulted in a unified theory that allowed rational, irrational, and geometrical quantities to be treated as algebraic objects.

Apart from that, Al Khwarizmi also contributed to the arithmetic branch, the results of his thoughts on this field were set forth in his work entitled Kitāb al-Jam’a wa-l-tafrīq bi-ḥisāb al-Hind . And the book is known as the first science book written using the decimal number system.

The theory discussed in the book is the starting point for balancing mathematics and science and it is also from this book that the forerunner of the algorithm emerged.

Its success was not only enjoyed by residents of Seita, but also parts of Europe. It is evident that many of his works have been translated into Latin as Algorithmic, Algorismi, and Alchawarizmi so that in western literature Al Khwarizmi is known as Algorizm.

This term is then used to refer to the concept of an algorithm which he discovered in logarithmic calculations which are now widely used, especially in the field of computers or science and engineering, which originate from his ideas.

Not only that, the binary mathematics used in programming is also based on Al Khawarizmi’s algorithm concept. The increasingly advanced developments for digital computers and their programming are inseparable from his thoughts as the gate of progress.

The word algorithm itself that we know today is a word taken from the word algorithm which is Latinized from its name.

However, Al Khawarizmi’s life was not too long, and it is estimated that he died in 850 AD during his lifetime his work was not only about mathematics but many fields of science were also influenced by the results of his thoughts.

As in the field of geography, he perfected the Ptolemaic map in his work entitled Kitāb ṣūrat al-Arḍ and according to Paul Gallez, this is very useful for determining our position in bad conditions.

The Influence of Al Khwarizmi in the Field of Science

Al Khwarizmi has had many influences on the development of world science, including the following:

  1. Finding the algebraic concept that we know today through the Al-Jabr book which contains linear and quadratic equations.
  2. He was the first to explain and popularize the use of zero (0) and to introduce the system of decimal notation and the multiplication sign of two.
  3. Introduces negative signs to numbers.
  4. Make an astronomical calculation table to measure the distance and depth of the earth. This table is also the basis for research in the field of astronomy.
  5. The model for making world maps is written in the book ṣūrat al-Arḍ which is used by western geographers in drawing maps.
  6. Discovered the concept of a sundial timepiece in the sundials book.
  7. Discover the basic concepts of algorithms by discussing the rules for performing arithmetic using Hindu-Arabic numbers and systematic solutions.

There are many other works of his during his lifetime that affect science today. Apart from being a mathematician, Al Khawarizmi is also a geographer, astronomer, astrologer, historian, and even a theory about the art of music and painting which he wrote in his book.

He is an intelligent figure in various fields and is a reflection of the true Muslim identity. As a Muslim, you should be proud and at the same time be a whip for those of you who are often lazy or are lying down.

Al Khawarizmi in Computer Field

Mathematics has basically played a very important role in the development of computers and technology since time immemorial and this role is not small but very large, which cannot be separated from the role of Al Khwarizmi. However, only a few people remember Al Khawarizmi’s services.

Algorithms cannot be separated and always coexist with increasingly advanced technological developments. Even artificial intelligence technology cannot be intelligent without an algorithmic system in its programming.

According to David Berlinski in his book “The Rise of Algorithms: Ideas to Rule the World” there are two pervasive ideas, the first is computation, and the second is an algorithm. Calculus is the idea that made modern science a reality. Algorithms are the concept of efficient procedures that make the modern world possible.

Apart from algorithms, one of Al Khwarizmi’s significant contributions to the development of the computer field was the introduction of the number zero in the Arabic numbering system, which was later adapted to the computer field. The number 0 itself is part of the binary code and is the basis of everything called a number, and the formation of computer programs is no exception.

The number 0 itself was reused by George Boole, a British mathematician, and logician, to form a Boolean algebra. According to him, the concept of algebra itself is one of the concepts discovered by Al Khawarizmi.

Boolean algebra played an important role in the development of numbers to represent logical forms and expressions in algebraic and logical notation through formulas that operate on 0 and 1.

Did you know that the theory of the algorithm invented by Al-Khawarizmi is now being used by Google? Not only that, but today’s best games also use perfect algorithm programs, for example, online slot games, which have lots of players around the world.

Al-Khwarizmi’s work

Among the most phenomenal works of Al Khwarizmi and widely used in various sciences are;

  1. He has created the use of scans and tangens in trigonometry and astronomical investigations printed in Al-Jabr wa’l Muqabalah
  2. He has submitted examples of mathematical problems and put forward 800 problems, most of which are problems raised by Neo. Babylonian in the form of allegations that have been proven true by al-Khwarizmi in Hisab al-Jabr wa al-Muqabalah
  3. He has introduced the concept of character and it is important in today’s Number system in Number System. This one work contains Cos, Sin, and Tan in solving trigonometric equations. As well as calculating the area of triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles in geometry and triangle theorems.


From Al Khawarizmi’s life story, we can learn one important thing, namely work. It is through these works that you can be remembered and remembered and to be able to make works of course you must have the ability and ability is the fruit of the learning process.

Therefore, if you want to create work in the form of a program or in the IT field, you should develop your skills by studying at Dicoding, check the list of classes here.


5 Traits of Babies Inherited from Mothers

5 Traits of Babies Inherited from Mothers

At birth, many people say that your child is similar to one of the parents. In general, people around will comment on the face and hair. Indeed, in reality, every baby has 23 chromosomes obtained from the mother and 23 other pieces obtained from the father.

Did you know that the traits that arise in children can also be inherited from their parents, especially their mother? If the mother has a grumpy character, it is not impossible if the child she gives birth to has the same character. With that, you can find out the nature of inheritance in any baby that is passed down by the mother. Read here!

Inherited Nature of Babies Derived from the Mother

It is natural for children to be a reflection of their parents. The father can reduce his physical form, such as height, fingerprints, and arrangement of teeth. Then, mothers can also pass on some inheritance in physical form such as hair color and type, dominant hand, and others.

The most inherited from the mother is the traits. Therefore, do not be surprised if the child will have characteristics like the mother, so that the father must face two people with the exact same characteristics. Here are some inherited traits from mother to baby:

Sleep Patterns

The first of the traits that are passed from mother to baby is sleep patterns. It is stated that genetics from the mother plays a bigger role in shaping the way your child sleeps. Several things are related to this, such as sleeping positions that often change and insomnia disorders that arise.


Another characteristic that is inherited from the mother is the level of intelligence, which is related to DNA. If a mother is someone who is fairly intelligent, her child will generally be the same. However, DNA does influence the factors that drive, intelligence, even if only half, the rest is influenced by other external factors.

Active Talk

It was also mentioned that one of the traits that is passed on from mother to child is the habit of being active in speaking due to the extrovert gene factor received. If the child’s mother has social habits, then most likely her child also has the same trait. Even so, this trait can still change depending on his closeness to his father.

Many people still wonder what traits are inherited from mother to baby.

Musical Ability

Another trait that can be passed from mother to child is musical ability. Even so, these talents can be honed or not depending on the child’s interest in exploring this. Even if you have talent, if you don’t practice it often, you still won’t master it.


It is also stated that a mother can pass on the power to remember to her children through existing DNA. Initially, this was considered impossible and was a factor of the environment in which the child grew up. However, in a study, it was stated that severe trauma could be passed on to children through this DNA.

Those are some things that are inherited from mother to child. Even so, all of these things still depend on environmental factors and their parents. Support for children related to their intelligence and interest in music can be increased through encouragement from parents and also their children’s interests.

nilah 6 Penyakit yang Disebabkan Genetik

These are 6 Diseases Caused by Genetics

Not only physical characteristics that parents can pass on to their children through genetics but also certain diseases. Yes, diseases that are passed from parent to child are often called genetic diseases or genetic disorders, in the medical world. This is a condition when there is a change in the nature and components of the gene, causing disease. Genetic diseases can be caused by new mutations in DNA or abnormalities in genes that are inherited from parents.

Genetic disorders can cause a variety of conditions, ranging from physical and mental disabilities or abnormalities to certain diseases such as cancer. Even so, not all cancers are caused by genetic disorders, some can also occur due to environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyles.

Here are some common types of genetic diseases:


Alkaptonuria is a genetic disorder passed down from parents. Under normal circumstances, the body will break down two protein-forming compounds (amino acids), namely tyrosine and phenylalanine through a series of chemical reactions. However, in conditions of alkaptonuria, the body cannot produce the enzyme homogentisate oxidase in sufficient quantities.

This enzyme is needed to break down the products of tyrosine metabolism in the form of homogentisic acid. As a result, homogentisic acid accumulates and then becomes a black or dark pigment in the body, while some is excreted through the urine.

The body’s inability to produce the enzyme homogentisate oxidase is caused by a mutation in the gene that produces this enzyme, namely the homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase (HGD) gene. This disorder is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, which means that the gene mutation must be inherited from both parents to cause this disorder, not just one.


Hemophilia is a group of blood disorders that are hereditary. This genetic disorder occurs due to an error in one of the genes on the X chromosome, which determines how the body makes blood clotting factors. This condition causes the blood to not clot normally, so when the sufferer experiences an injury or wound, the bleeding will take longer.

Sickle Cell Anemia

This genetic disorder is caused by a gene error which then affects the development of red blood cells. Red blood cells with this disease have an unnatural shape, causing them to not live as long as healthy blood cells in general.

Sickle cell anemia can be problematic, as it allows the blood cells to become trapped in the blood vessels. Children with this condition from birth may experience anemia, be susceptible to infection, and be sick in several parts of the body. Even so, there are also people with only a few symptoms who can live normally.

Klinefelter’s syndrome

It is a genetic disorder that occurs only in males. People with Klinefelter’s syndrome have symptoms in the form of Mr. P and small testicles, hair only grows a little on the body, has large breasts, and tall and disproportionately shaped bodies. Another characteristic of this genetic disorder is the lack of the hormone testosterone and infertility.

Down syndrome

Down syndrome occurs due to excess genetic material in children, causing the child’s physical and mental development to be hampered. Normally, a person gets 23 chromosomes from the father and 23 chromosomes from the mother for a total of 46 chromosomes. In Down syndrome, there is a genetic disorder with an increase in the number of chromosomes 21, so the total number of chromosomes a child gets is 47 chromosomes.

This condition cannot be prevented because it is a genetic disorder, but it can be detected earlier before the child is born. The condition of children with Down syndrome can differ from one another. Some children can live quite healthy lives, while others have health problems, such as heart problems or muscle disorders.


Diabetes is a condition when there are abnormalities in the body’s metabolism, which are determined based on the high level of sugar content in the body. Diabetes is divided into two types, namely, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is caused by an autoimmunity condition that destroys antibodies. An abnormal condition of the immune system in people with type 1 diabetes is believed to be a disease caused by genetic factors.

That’s a little explanation about the types of genetic diseases that are common. If you need more information about this or other health problems, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your doctor.

Pewdiepie Facts

7 Shocking Facts About Pewdiepie

“How’s it going, Bro?” Yes, of course, you are familiar with this greeting. Starting from the fad of making a YouTube channel, who would have thought the owner’s full name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was transformed into a megastar in the world of YouTube. Through a channel called PewDiePie, the Swedish-born man can earn more than 2.6 million US dollars a year just from making various videos on YouTube.

Maybe you only know him as a gaming YouTubers. But behind the ridiculous actions in front of the camera, there are many interesting sides that you should know from this Swedish-born man.

I wonder what was in Pewdiepie’s mind at the time. Instead of seriously studying at the Chalmers University of Technology, he instead opted out and focus on the YouTube channel he just created. Suddenly, Felix’s parents were furious and thought that his child had made a fatal mistake in his life.

Because he did not have the support of his parents, Felix supported himself and built his own channel by selling hot dogs by the roadside. Thanks to his hard work, Felix was able to show his parents that dropping out of college and focusing on building a YouTube channel was the right decision.

Felix’s success as a Youtuber gaming can be seen from the subscriber channel PewdiePie. Until now, the channel that was created since 2010 already has more than 49 million subscribers. That number will continue to grow every day.

This PewdiePie fact is quite unique, and the article is with the number of subscribers that much. The PewDiePie channel is able to defeat the population of his own country, Sweden. Even if PewDiePie is a country and subscriber is the population of its people, then the PewDiePie country will enter the top 20 countries with the largest population in the world.

In 2012, Felix or PewDiePie won a contest in which he was awarded the title of King of Web. The event is an honorary competition to choose the best YouTubers who consistently create quality creative video content.

Interestingly, Felix donated all the prizes he got at the event to the World Wildlife Found organization or WWF.

Speaking of charity, Felix or PewDiePie is known as a public figure who quite often donates part of his income to charity work. In addition to WWF, PewDiePie is also a donor from the Save the Children organization.

In some of his videos, PewDiePie did not hesitate to invite fans known as Bro Army to take part in charity through the organization.

As the most influential person on YouTube and has a fan base of up to millions, it’s no wonder why every game played by PewDiePie will have a big effect going forward. Even games that didn’t sell well, but since being played by PewDiePie, have suddenly become booming and popular with gamers.

For example, PewDiePie is the first YouTuber to play the Slender game, and since then, the Slender game has immediately exploded on the market. A game made by the nation’s children entitled Dreadout has immediately bounced its name thanks to being played by PewDiePie.

Maybe there are still many who do not know the first video uploaded by PewDiePie to YouTube. PewDiePie uploaded its first video game review on October 2, 2010. The two-minute video shows Felix and his friends playing the game Minecraft.

Although the video quality is not very good, the video is a golden foothold for the success of PewDiePie’s career as the most popular gaming Youtuber to date.

The next PewDiePie fact is arguably quite unique, and the article fans once terrorized him, so he had to flee to England.

Pewdiepie Facts

As a public figure, it’s certainly not uncommon for media, fans, or even haters to pay more attention to PewDiePie. But it will be a problem when the Bro Army starts to disrupt PewDiePie’s life. Some even came to visit his house in Sweden. This incident made PewDiePie forced to move to Brighton, England, where he could live quietly there.

Well, maybe there is a PewDiePie the fact that you know about it? Don’t be shy to share in the comments column, okay?

Family Tree

Making a Family Tree

Actually, you don’t need to be confused if, in your big family, you already have a family tree record or coolly called a family tree.

Large families that often hold bloodshed meetings or bloodlines usually make a family tree. The goal is not to be arrogant, but so that we can know our brothers and sisters.

One of The Advantages of Having a Family is That You Can Playing Poker Game With Them

Getting to know close relatives, especially those related by blood, is very important. The benefit, we can get to know our position in a large family, so we can know how to call him, how polite we are when meeting an older family, and others.

By knowing our brothers and sisters, we can also collaborate and help each other with a family session. Or, you can bring joy to them, for example by playing poker with your new member of the family.

No less important, by knowing the family tree, we can find out who is still in a blood tie, so we can avoid marriage with close relatives.

Just Keep in Mind

Western families generally have a family tree. Unfortunately, this genealogy has not been made in writing. Most are still verbally. Just keep in mind, so only old people know about it. As a result, in subsequent descendants like us, a family tree can be unclear, and over time can be unknown.

It’s Getting Easier

In modern times, it should make family trees an easy affair. To track family data, we can contact you via cellphone, email, Facebook, and other social media.

You can also enter data and photos of our relatives into the family tree chart. Certainly, there are many sites available that provide software and free storage on the internet.

We don’t need to be dizzy or bother making charts. All just by doing some clicks. Data and photos are neatly organized and stored safely. At any time, the data can be opened and updated.

Family Tree Site

Some internet sites that provide family tree services, including and For family trees that are only family charts or family tree, it’s still free. Meanwhile, those who pay are those who are equipped with services, such as the agenda, map of residence, and other important notes.

Do you want to make a family tree? While meeting a large family, take advantage of your time to record his name, whose son, date of birth, address, contact number, and do not forget to be photographed to complete the data.

Start with family

The simplest way to make a family tree is to start with your own family. Start it from your Dad and Mom, and siblings. After that, complete with brothers and sisters from your mother’s family; brother and sister of your father’s family; then with Grandfather and Grandma. If the data is still available, complete it with the great-grandfather and great-grandmother, and so on.

Drawing a Family Tree

With a family tree, our extended family will be recorded, so we can find out the relationship of our extended family.

Who knows, school friends, teachers, famous people, or certain people you meet on FB are actually your siblings.

Hollywood Stars

Gal Gadot to Ariana Grande, These Are 7 Celebrities of Middle Eastern Descent

There are many Hollywood celebrities born from intermarriage between two different races. Some of them have Middle Eastern blood.

Most of them have a face that can make people stunned. They come from various professions, ranging from models, musicians, to actresses in Hollywood. Even now, they are still actively involved in the entertainment world.

The coil has summarized a series of Hollywood celebrities who are of Middle Eastern descent. This is it:

Ariana Grande


The singer who was born on June 26, 1993, turned out to have Middle Eastern blood, namely Tunisia or Morocco. This was revealed when the singer of the song ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ wrote the status on his personal Twitter account, @ArianaGrande, in 2014.

In her tweet, the 24-year-old woman tells us that she only found out the ancestry of her grandparents. Previously, he thought that he was of Italian descent.

“Just found out that my grandparents were Greeks and part of North Africans. I think I’m Italian. Who am I? My whole life is a lie,” wrote the singer-song “The Way. “

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid

Gigi and Bella Hadid

The names of the brothers are famous as international models. Many already know if they have Middle Eastern ancestry. Their father, Mohamed Hadid, who was Palestinian, married Yolanda Hadid from the Netherlands.

When he saw the conflict in Palestine, Gigi gave his support by writing a tweet in his Personal Twitter account, @GiGiHadid, so that the country could soon become independent.

“I told you before, and I will say it again. For me, this is not a matter of religion or one against the other. This is about greed. #FreePalestine #freegaza #coexist,” he wrote.



Shakira was born and raised in Colombia. His mother, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll, is a Colombian who has Spanish and Italian ancestry while the father named William Mebarak Chadid is a man born in the United States who has Lebanese blood.

In fact, the name Shakira itself is taken from Arabic, which means ‘thanksgiving.’ When the singer of the song ‘Chantaje’ was only four years old, his father took him to a Middle Eastern restaurant. When he heard Arabic music, he began to do belly dancing.

“I really like that. I asked my father to buy me some Arabic music albums, and my mother bought me a turquoise dress made specifically for practice (belly dance),” Shakira told Rolling Stone.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is both a model and an Israeli actress. His parents, Irit and Michael Gadot, also came from Israel. He was born and raised there. At the age of 18, Gadot was chosen to become Miss Israel in 2004.

The 33-year-old woman spread her wings by acting. His name began to soar when he played Gisele Yashar in the film ‘Fast and the Furious.’ After that, he starred in several other films such as ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses,’ ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League.’

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Actress Zoe Saldana was born in New Jersey, United States. His father, Aridio Saldaña, is the Dominican Republic. While the mother, Asalia Nazario, came from Puerto Rico. Zoe also spoke in two languages, namely English and Spanish.

When the cast of the film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ became the star of an advertisement for one of the beauty products, it was implied that he had descendants from Lebanon. Because, in the video, it reads, ‘Dominican, Haitian, Puerto Rican, Lebanese.’

“There is a story behind my skin. This is a mosaic of some previous faces,” Zoe said in the video.

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan

Actress and dancer Jenna Dewan was born in the United States. However, he is one of the celebrities who have Lebanese ancestry. His father, Darryll Dewan, was a crossbreed of Lebanon and Poland. The board itself is the Arabic name of his father’s family.

While the mother of the cast of the film ‘The Wedding Year’ is of German and British descent. He has three brothers, namely Dawson, Dayne, and Daniel.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Another celebrity who also has Lebanese ancestry is Salma Hayek. He got his Middle Eastern blood from his father, Sami Hayek Dominguez, who is a Mexican of Lebanese descent. While the mother, Diana Jimenez Medina, is of Mexican descent.

The name Salma was taken from Arabic, which means ‘peace.’ Reported by Reuters, the cast of the film ‘Tale of Tales’ with his father visited his grandfather’s house, located in the village of Baabdat, Lebanon, in 2015.

Genealogy Branch

Is it Important to Understand Ancestry?

One time there was a boy who decided to study out of town but remained in one province. He decided to go to college and learn to live independently by living apart from his parents. For several years at college, he met many new friends and acquaintances. Including meeting a girl who made him fall in love. The introduction continued step by step until they formed a relationship like a couple. They love each other.

Sometime later, during the holidays, the child brought the girl who became his girlfriend back home to introduce it to parents. The child’s parents look open and accept the arrival and good intentions of the child. The child’s parents invite the girl to talk about many things, including her family and parents. How surprised the young man’s parents turned out to be the girl’s family has a kinship with his family.

As a result, of course, their relationship cannot continue. It turns out they have a kinship that cannot be united as husband and wife. If they keep doing it, they will certainly get social sanctions from their customs. Even though they already love each other. It turned out that their relationship had to be grounded because they were related. It all happened as a result of the lack of understanding and knowledge of each child about his family lineage and his own kinship. Fortunately, they have not done all sorts of things and have not stepped into a more serious stage. If it is done, imagine what will happen next!

Identify Your Gene

From the story above, what can we take lessons? It turns out that it is so important for all of us to know and understand our own family tree. It’s important for us to have knowledge about the kinship and blood ties between our relatives out there and us.

In the Minangkabau culture, according to my observations so far, this has been very emphasized. Kinship among family members is maintained. Each family will introduce family members to other family members. For example, during the holidays and important events such as marriage ceremonies, deaths, and other traditional ceremonies, each family will give an understanding to their families that they have a kinship with the family and the like.

So that members of a family will understand about the lineage of his descendants. Siblings of their parents, relatives of their parents, siblings of parents of their own parents, relatives of parents of their parents, and so on and up. In accordance with lineage, blood ties, and kinship ties.

Not only that, usually, the family will notify family members or relatives who are outside the area. So that when family members are outside the area where there are relatives, they can still maintain good relations with other family members.

Actually, it is so important for us to know and understand our family tree and family relationships. Many benefits and other important things that we will get, from him:

Maintain good relations among family members.

Knowing our family tree that we have relationships with other families will certainly try to keep the relationship in harmony and well maintained.

Give support in times of need, and share happiness when you like.

By knowing that we have relatives and relatives, of course, we can share our likes and likes with them. And vice versa, they can also do the same thing so that our sadness and happiness can be more meaningful.

Avoiding events due to miss communication.

The example above is a case due to a lack of communication between family members so that each family member does not understand well his kinship with other family members who are in far apart places.

Realizing that we are not alone.

By knowing the kinship and kinship between each party, he certainly realized that all this time, he had lived not only by himself. That he apparently has a lot of people who have connections and relationships with his family.

DNA checker

Avoiding individualistic attitudes.

As a result of the current urban lifestyle, people are becoming more individualistic. Such attitudes do not only occur in people who live in cities but also those who live in villages. But this can still be prevented by maintaining relationships with our fellow relatives.

Preserve the bloodline.

By having knowledge of kinship relations, it is able to maintain and preserve our ancestry. So there is no terminology in which the lineage of a tribe or adat has been broken. Thus, of course, our lineage will be well preserved and safe.

From the points above, we can know that having good knowledge and understanding of heredity and kinship is very important. Besides the points above, there are many other points actually. If it’s lacking, please add it yourself in the comments column.

So the point is all of us need to have knowledge and understanding of lineage, kinship, and kinship inherent in our lives in society.