1777 Register of Gibraltar Inhabitants British Protestants, A to G
These records were originally posted to the previous Gibraltar website hosted by Colin Frankland for the BritishIslesGenWeb.

This is the listing of the inhabitants of Gibraltar which was compiled on the orders of General Boyd in February of that year.

Note: spellings are sometimes not exact and only the oldest person in a family group or using that surname is shown. A-G / Protestant (British) Inhabitants of Gibraltar

Abraham, John (Britain) 10 Atkinson, William (Britain) 24 Anthony, John (East Indies) 9 Ashton, Joseph (Britain) 47 Abbot, John (Gibraltar) Anderson, Robert (N. Britain) Adams, Elizabeth (Britain) 57 Aldridge, John (Britain) 15 Ball William (Britain) 15 Barrett, Francis (Britain) 11 Bourck, Mary (Britain) 5 Browning, James (Britain) 14 Bromedge, William (Britain) 1 Burns, Ann (N. Britain) 8 Bolton, William (Britain) 22 Bruce, John (Britain) 1 Boyd, William (Gibraltar) Blair, Robert (N.Britain) 1 Brookes, Robert (Britain) 15 Burnett, George (N.Britain) 13 Brightly, Jane Burnett, John (Britain) Beckman, William (Britain) 5 Blagg, William (Britain) 1 Benson, Revd John (Britain) 27 Baynes, Arthur (Britain) 10 Booth Leeds (Britain) 10 Cairter, Charles (Gibraltar) Campbell, Elizebeth (Gibraltar) Cann, Mary (Gibraltar) Carrol, Francis (Britain) 2 Catton, Richard (Britain) 35 Chapman, William (Britain) 22 Christie, James (N. Britain) 5 Collins, Henry (Gibraltar) Clay, William (Britain) 9 Clifton, Biddy (Britain) 10 Cowper, Robert [Britain) 5 Crusoe, John (Turk) 44 Clements Isaac (Gibraltar) Cock, Thomas (Britain) 6 Cook, Charles (Britain) 1 Cosgrave, Margaret (N.Britain) 22 Crawford, William (Britain) 8 Cowen, Mary (Gibraltar) Cowper, Henry (Gibraltar) Cockraft, Samuel (Britain) 17 Corney, William (Britain) 21 Davies, William (Britain) 4 Davis, Andrew (Britain) 33 Davis, Lewis (Gibraltar) Deze, James (Gibraltar) Dickinson, Richard (Gibraltar) Dixon, Elizebeth (Gibraltar) Daniel, William (Britain) 1 Dempsey, E (Britain) 1 Dallin, Edward (Britain) 1 Dauhardy, Charles (Britain) 5 Eden, Thomas (Gibraltar) Eden, Eleanor ( Britain ) 12 Ellice, Elizebeth (Britain) 9 Fraser, Simon (N.Britain) 1 Fullerton, William (N.Britain) 25 Fenley, Hugh (Britain) 6 Fitsgerald Judith (Britain) 8 Fowkes, Richard (Britain) 21 Fraser, Thomas (Cibraltar) Gibson, James (N. Britain) 24 Grant, Alexander (N. Hritain) 19 Gillon, ? (Britain) 9 Groves, Richard [Britain) 9 Gibreath, Nickey (Britain) Galway, Stephen (Gibraltar) Gregory, Mark (Britain) 1 Gadderer, Henry (Britain) 4 Grumley, Priscilia (Gibraltar) Gray, Elizabeth (Gibraltar) Gordon, Cosmo (N. Britain) 20 Gore, Catherine (Britain) 1 Gater, John (Britain) 24 Gilmour, Arthur (N. Britain) 30 Gumb, Thomas (Britain) 6 Greenway, Thomas (Britain) 1