(Dates in brackets = date of arrival on the Rock)

These records were originally posted to the previous Gibraltar website hosted by Colin Frankland for the BritishIslesGenWeb.


Abudarham (J.) Azayol (Sol.) Acris Abecasis
Anahori Alaisar Benzaquen (1741) Benatar (J.)
Bubdy (1739) Benamara (Sol.) Conquy (E.) Conquy (A.)
Conquy (M.) Carvalho (A.) (1727) Carvalho (D.) (1733) Ferrares
Gabizon Levy (Jacob) Levy (Judah) Levy (Judah)
Levy-Benzaquen (S.)
Messias, Sol. Migueres, Sol. Monson, A.
Serfaty, L. (1735) Sananes, M. Toledano, Judah Toledano, H.
Toledano, M. Tobelem, S. (1730) Uziel, J.

(With grateful thanks to William Serfaty for additional information on this list)