Catholic Churches & Chapels existing in Gibraltar in 1704. Gib's Pastbritt writes "On leafing through the Gibraltar Directory & Guide Book for 1931 I came upon this piece of information about local churches & chapels:- St.Mary the Crowned.The only church which remains, but much smaller than it was in 1704. A part of the sacred edifice is wanting, also the orange square which was taken up partly in the enlargement and improvement of Main Street. St. Francis (Church & Convent) 1480. It comprised of the whole of Kings Chapel and the Governor's residence and its gardens. (This is the reason why the Governor's residence is known as The Convent). La Merced(Convent & church 1581). After the Spaniards left it was converted into a residence for the Admiral. Later it was turned into houses and now it is Cloister Building(where Blands offices now stands). This was situated in the Calle de la Merced, later to be known as Irish Town. St.Clare(Convent& Church 1587) This was situated in the corner of Main Street & Tuckey's Lane. Tuckey's Lane used to be called St. Anne's Street then. St.John of God( Church, convent and hospital 1587) After 1704 the building became a barrack and then became the Colonial Hospital ( now St Bernard's Hospital). St.Sebastian Church. In Cornwall's Parade. Church of the True Cross. Situated in the corner of Horse Barrack Lane & Main Street. Church of Our Lady de la Cabeza. It stood within the Moorish Castle. Our Lady of the Rosary. Near Southport Gate. Our Lady of Mercy(Hermitage, hospital & foundling asylum). It must have been of considerable dimensions and importance. It stood in John Mackintosh Square near the present City Hall. After 1704 it became a debtors' prison. St.John Lateran. A church of reasonable size and architecture. It stood where John Mackintosh Hall now stands. St,John El Verde Church. Near the New Mole. It belonged to the Knights of Malta. St.Rose (Hermitage). Was later known as Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor, now Mount Alvernia in the South district. Calvary (Hermitage). On the site of the Mount. This was,up to a few years ago,the residence of the Rear-Admiral. Our Lady de los Remedios. On the site of the present Naval Hospital in the South district. Our Lady of Europe. Near the lighthouse, where it still stands today. That they all existed in 1704 is unquestionable. They are all marked on the ancient plans of Gibraltar. By Britt. These records were originally posted to the previous Gibraltar website hosted by Colin Frankland for the BritishIslesGenWeb.