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Cooke's in Carlow!?

Posted by tigertelegraph 
Cooke's in Carlow!?
April 09, 2006 07:29AM
Where do i start? I have started to do research on my family name of Cooke in Leicester, England. I have come to a halt with the birthdate of my Grandad who was born in 1897 possibly in Leicester, he was one of 5 children the others being Walter, Les, Florie and Nellie. I have been told that their father was an Irishman from south of Dublin possibly County Carlow. Unfortunately his birthdate is unknown. All i know is that his name was Jack and he married Ada(maiden name unknown)
Question.. Were records kept of anyone moving from Ireland to England either in Ireland or England roughly in this time scale 1860 to 1910.
Question.. Am i right in saying that Albert,Les,Walter,Florie and Nellie are not Irish names?
Question..Should i just post in as many different forums as possible as to where to start?
Question..Assuming that Jack was Catholic would any Churches in England have kept records of Irishmen moving there?
Re: Cooke's in Carlow!?
November 16, 2006 02:44PM
At and earlier time I had found a female Dwiggins listed, she had something to do with linen as a trade. Unfortuneately, I have misplaced the note with the townland and area in Carlow County. Please advise if you know of any Dwiggins in Carlow County.

Robert D. Binzer
Re: Cooke's in Carlow!?
March 09, 2009 02:36PM
There are Cookes in Carlow who are descended from Cookes who migrated from Norfolk to Painstown, Co. Carlow in the late 1500, early 1600s. A family tree for the more recent of these Cookes is included in the recently published book, The Cookes of the Cavaliers, by Dr. Kieran Cooke. His book was published in conjunction with the Family History Research Centre in East Galway.
Re: Cooke's in Carlow!?
October 05, 2009 06:09PM
From Carlow Town Roots 1901;

Barrack st (29)
Cooke Mary, John. (Laundress)

1911 census can be found here; [www.census.nationalarchives.ie]
Re: Cooke's in Carlow!?
December 28, 2009 06:36PM
I am descended, I believe, from the Cooke family of Carlow, Sligo and Mayo. I would like to purchase Dr. Kiernan Cooke's book. Any idea where I might find the book or how to contact Dr, Cooke.
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