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SEEK BRIT "SPENCERs" TODAY,w/Beds.background-ANYONE Out There?

Posted by ViennaSpencer 
SEEK BRIT "SPENCERs" TODAY,w/Beds.background-ANYONE Out There?
December 31, 2014 03:56AM
Seeking an exchange of genealogical info, and /or Old SPENCER (emailed) images, and /or (possible, eventual) friendship (only if mutually wanted), as I am an American SPENCER searching for our U.K. Spencer COUSINS, who TODAY Still possess SPENCER as their surname (or was your maiden name). We Know you all exist, but we
have All been LOST to one another, through time & distance.

IF you KNOW your SPENCER Ancestry to somewhat further back, and /or you believe you may either descend from Spencers who either came out of Bedfordshire or perhaps the counties of Leicestershire, Warwickshire and /or Northamptonshire, I'd love to hear from you! I have MUCH Spencer info/pix to share, in exchange!

Those who may have the following within their line, are even more likely to be OF the particular line of Spencers I am trying to locate: 1) If the first names in your male Spencers, tend to be: William, Charles, Thomas, Robert, Gerard, John, or Geoffrey, over and over, you may be of same line as I & my other American Spencer cousins.

Or- 2) If the CAREERS of Your SPENCERs tend to often be that of: Doctors, Writers, Engineers, Scientists, Professors / Teachers, Politicians, or, Inventors, then perhaps your Spencer kin are related to ours. (Yes, of course there were Farmers, shop-keepers, etc., too, but we seem to have an over-abundance of the former professions w/in our line, that form a "pattern" that could assist others in identifying that their Spencer line "might" be blood-related to mine, so I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this. No elitist overtones of any kind, meant! All family have good & bad w/in them--& mine's no exception!)

Also, 3)If your Spencers were Great WANDERERS, either just Loving Travel, or actually emigrating great distances --say part of your branch is still in England, but another brach headed-out to South Africa, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, this could also be an indication of our being of the same particular blood Spencer family.

OR IF You simply would LIKE TO KNOW of WHICH (of some 20+different un-related) SPENCER Clans you DO come from, please get in-touch and I can assist on this, as is a simple way to FIND your Own SPENCERs and many of them HAVE Papers that Could help you push your line further back in time, or even to find from Whom your Spencers ORIGINATED!!

Ok, hoping to hear from All the BRITISH Spencers out there, soon!

Take Care,

Vienna Spencer (I'm from a seaside town in California)
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