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james Murray 1665 Tallibardine

Posted by Robert Becker 
I'm looking for any help with James Murray born 1665 in Tallibardine to John Murray and Jane McClean. James was exiled to the "Plantations" of Maryland because of his association with the "Covenantors".
What is perplexing is that James named his plantation in Maryland "Atholl" and his will is sealed with the wax seal of the House of Atholl.
His father is listed as John Murray (Marquess of Atholl" but his mother is Jane (Jean) McClean.
Was James the son of the Marquess? Was Jane a second wife? Was James the child of a dallience or a pretender to the title?
Any Help will be greatly appreciated!
Robert Becker
Long Beach, California.
I am a decendant of James Murray and Jemima Morgan
Re: james Murray 1665 Tallibardine
April 22, 2011 11:42PM
I have a pretty detailed genealogy obtained last year from my father, Mel Murray. I too am in the bloodline. Send me an email to christopher_murray@hotmail.com and I will email you the doc file. Maybe it will help. Included is some of the descriptions and history. I hope it will help.

Chris Murray
Fort Worth, TX
Re: james Murray 1665 Tallibardine
August 24, 2012 05:49PM
Hi. I found Jane McClean as having illeg child but it turned out not to be James. The coat of arms for james Murray the covenanter who died in 1704 in Maryland was Murrays of Cockpool. It is similar to the Atholl coat of arms. He had two sisters that inheirated everything . James was disinheirated because he was a Covenanter ( who they legally able shoot on sight in Scotland) and he fled to maryland , probably because he was forced too. One sister married a James Murray son of the Marquesee. It is very likely she helped her brother leave via the money from her father in law the Marquessee. The father of James Murray , the covenanter, is Robert Murray. There is more.
Brent at bruesch639@gmail.com
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