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Sime, Sim, Simm

Posted by Jim Sime 
Sime, Sim, Simm
January 20, 2003 12:50PM
I have traced my family back to Archibald Sim and Jean Simm whose son, John Sim was born in Urquhart on 2 January 1706. John Sim married Margaret Barron of Kinloss, (born 30 July 1710.) The marriage was on 16 December 1735. They had a son, James Sim, born in Kinloss on 12 March 1741. He became the farmer at Barnhill, Pluscarden (Just by the Abbey) He died on 13 March 1811 and his grave stone can be seen at Birnie Churchyard (where the date of death is given as 15 May, not March, as on the written records.) He married Isabel Murdoch in 1770. His siblings were John Sim, born 30 March 1743m Alexander Sim born 29 May 1746 and Margaret Sim, born 13 May 1748. James Sim and Isabel Murdoch had a son, James Sime, (An 'e' having been added.) This James Sime was born on 8 August 1779 and died on 26 November 1864. He became the farmer at Damhead in Rafford parish. He married Jane Fraser (Allan) on 12 December 1823. Their son was John Sime, farmer and wood merchant. His first farm was Damhead then Blervie, where he was Farmer and Estate Factor. He married Elspet Watson Their son was James A Sime, my grandfather, wood contractor of Marcassie farm and Singapore House in Forres. His son was James A Sime, my father, born on 22 April 1990, who married Jessie Ann Scot in 1919. My father's sister, Margaret (Meg) born on 30 May 1902 is still alive and well at 100 years of age. My father worked as a wood contractor, then as sawmiller at Bogton Sawmill, then as Grounds Officer at Blackhills, Lhanbryde. He died in 1976, a few days short of his 86th birthday. I should like to hear from any relatives out there, including the Sim's in the Birnie area, Allans, Watsons, Simms. There are also cousins, from my father's siblings, I'd like to hear from, now living in various parts of Scotland, including Edinburgh.
Jim Sime
my father, james sim, was born (i think) in clyde bank april 1, 1907. his father was also james sim, mother isabella monroe from inverness. they married around 1905. family came to usa after living in glasgow, via montreal, around 1924. is sim a very common name?
Re: Sime, Sim, Simm
August 02, 2005 10:17AM
Hi Barbara
Sim is not a very common name but there are quite a number of Sim's in Scotland or who have originated in Scotland. My great great great grandfather was a Sim before the extra e got added back in 1779 (I think). Apparently Symon was a common name among the Clan Fraser, something that got shortened to Sym, Syme, Sime and Sim. They lived in the north east of Scotland The name 'Fraser' was that of the Clan chief who was a French adventurer whose name was apparently Frasier (Strawberry). After the invasion of England in 1066 by the French Normans, his followers got pieces of land in England. Scotland was a separate country but gradually the Norman-French managed to get land in Scotland too, hence the Fraser Clan in north east Scotland.
Jim Sime
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