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County Tyrone Northern Ireland Queries

County Tyrone Northern Ireland Queries 
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Stewart Henderson family

by kevin kelley
2 04/30/2017 02:59PM
Last Post by Pit5280


by E C MacFarland
3 08/07/2015 01:05AM
Last Post by crzypopmac


by mawhitlam
4 03/19/2010 11:19PM
Last Post by margmulh


by Patricia Colton
2 07/23/2009 11:05PM
Last Post by sheila coulton


by Lynne (Reeves) Laframboise
2 06/07/2009 07:10PM
Last Post by Ann Robinson

Peter Daly, Tyrone Co., Ireland

by osusmf
1 12/04/2007 07:10PM
Last Post by osusmf

Barr, Billings, Stinson

by lila george
1 03/14/2007 06:57PM
Last Post by lila george

sirname gibbs

by speedblazer
1 10/14/2006 05:03PM
Last Post by speedblazer

sirname mckay

by speedblazer
1 10/14/2006 04:59PM
Last Post by speedblazer

Gilmore Swindell Swindle Wilkinson Blair

by Lynne Dolan
1 10/23/2000 12:34AM
Last Post by Lynne Dolan


by Rose Cranston
1 10/22/2000 07:30PM
Last Post by Rose Cranston


by Henry Ross
1 10/22/2000 03:34AM
Last Post by Henry Ross

Morrow, Moore, Robinson

by Frank R. Morrow
1 10/20/2000 10:19PM
Last Post by Frank R. Morrow


by Bette Kleitches
1 10/13/2000 05:45PM
Last Post by Bette Kleitches


by Judy
1 10/10/2000 07:49PM
Last Post by Judy


by Bob Auld
1 10/07/2000 06:20PM
Last Post by Bob Auld


by Mary Anne Pankrath
1 10/01/2000 07:49PM
Last Post by Mary Anne Pankrath

Ballantine and Speers

by Elizabeth Gibson
1 09/23/2000 01:28AM
Last Post by Elizabeth Gibson


by Ken Hartley
1 09/19/2000 01:46PM
Last Post by Ken Hartley

McGlinn McGlenn McGlynn

by Cheri Schuffler
1 09/15/2000 02:50PM
Last Post by Cheri Schuffler